About the musicSpace Project

musicSpace is a cross discipline project between Music and Electronic & Computer Science at the University of Southampton which aims to use Web2.0 & Semantic Web technologies to improve musicological research workflows. The main objectives of the project are:

  1. To integrate access to musicology's heterogeneous data sources so that they can be explored effectively and efficiently via one interface service.
  2. To deliver an optimally interactive approach to support this exploration.
  3. To develop a better understanding of how musicologists use the musicSpace interface, so that it can be optimised to support the process of discovery and aid the attainment of new knowledge.

Join Our Trial

We are currently trialling our interface to assess and evaluate its efficacy as a research tool, and invite you to register to use our search interface.

All interested humanities scholars, librarians and computer scientists are very welcome to register and try out the musicSpace interface, but please note that datasets are tailored to the following four pilot research areas:

  1. Monteverdi recordings
  2. Schubert song
  3. 19th-century Italian opera buffa
  4. 20th-century electroacoustic music.

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Data Partners

musicSpace is proud to be working with:

  • British Library
  • Grove Music
  • Copac
  • RISM
  • Cecilia
  • Naxos Music

Further Information